Frameless windshield wiper blades for BMW 5 e39

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The windscreen is nipped and scratched? Classic windscreen wipers are enable to cope with?

No windshield wipers from the shop are suitable for your car? And even if you find one the price is higher than 30€? Are you puzzled over getting suitable wipers for your car?

Today you are lucky. Now you have a wonderful solution of your problem!

Frameless windshield wiper blades “Good Rain” for Audi A4 8E5 B6.

What is “Good Rain”?

“Good Rain” is a type of frameless windshield wipers that has stainless steel reinforced base and excellent aerodynamic characteristics, due to which they are not pulled away by the stream of the wind but are even more evenly pressed against the edge of the windshield.

All these rise the quality of cleaning to a new level, letting the classic wipers far behind in the past.

“Good Rain” frameless windshield wiper blades are not likely to be iced and they do not lose their elastic properties even at low temperature. They work silently, clean perfectly, are as easily installed and changed as never before.

These wipers by a British manufacturer are good substitution for morally and technically obsoleted classic wipers.

No more spoilers on your wipers and windshield!

Thanks to their great aerodynamic properties the cleaning edge is evenly pressed against the windscreen and is not pulled away by the wind stream.

All these allow you to get rid off the bulky spoiler (decorative plank), which for that purpose was set on the old wipers. You get free windshield without any conglomeration.

✓     High efficiency of cleaning. Outlined design allows putting pressure along the full length of the wiper blade.

     ✓     Special graphite cover on the rubber strip provides with absolutely smooth, clean and soundless rubbing.

Built-in aerodynamic spoiler significantly reduces resistance, noise and separation of the wiper off the windshield.

     ✓ Frame, preventing formation of ice.

     ✓ Limitation of icing of wipers due to the elimination of extra set of metal components.

     They work for 20 % longer than other wipers of premium class.

     ✓ Easy installation and reliable exploitation in any weather.

The exact bending of the windshield of your car.

     ✓ Flexible wiper without metal hinges.

     ✓ With the help of innovative lockers you can easily change the wipers.

     ✓     Absolutely convenient for winters since water can not freeze in the hinges and in metal parts.

Excellent quality of wiping all along the windshield surface due to the flexible reinforced stainless steel base.

     ✓      You can use it longer due to the better contact with the surface of the widescreen.

     ✓ Very low level of noise and high level of speed fixation compared to the ordinary wipers.

“Good Rain” windscreen wipers are made of the best materials in conformity with the high industry standards. They, surely, will serve you long!

Our goal is: "Wipers, only of the highest quality!”

If by any chance you don’t like them, we do guarantee a full refund2.


There is no need for adapters to install the “Good Rain” wipers, since they are manufactured specifically for Audi A4 8E5 B6. All you need to install the new wipers is to remove the old ones alongside with mounts on leashes, and replace them with the new “Good Rain”.

Next time you change the wipers, it will be enough just to press the two tabs, remove the drawn wiper and replace it with the new one. Once you hear a click, it means that the locks are fastened and the wiper installed. Very easy, isn’t it? Even the most fragile lady will handle this setting.

Frameless windshield wiper blades for BMW 5 e39 7

When replacing the original wiper with the new “Good Rain” wiper, the mounting remains untouched, and, in case of emergency, they can always be placed back in a couple of minutes.

We can assure you that once you feel the difference, you will not even think of using the classical, technically obsolete frame brushes.

If you wish, we will provide the first replacement of the wipers. Our workman will install, show and explain how it works, and how to replace the wiper next time. For these cases a prior agreement of time and place of the meeting by phone +372 5373 7817 is required.

If you have a discount coupon, the first installation is free of charge. Otherwise, installation of wipers is 4.99€. The first installation can be provided only in Tallinn (Estonia), since outside of Tallinn the price will be disproportionately high compared to the work.

Watch the video showing how to install the frameless “Good Rain” wipers

The terms of the operation of the “Good Rain” wipers for Audi A4 8E5 B6

Our wipers are made of high quality materials, in conformity with the high industry standards, and if used with accuracy, will serve you for a long time.

However, be aware that an excessive amount of dust and dirt on the glasses, as well as, using wipers without washing fluids, can spoil even the most expensive and high-quality wipers in the world ahead of time, thus, there are general guidelines of the frequency of replacement, to ensure the safety of visibility and motion for drivers.

Under ideal circumstances it is necessary to change the wipers at the beginning and in the end of each season of the year.

More common option is to change wipers every six months.

Even if you think that your wipers still work good, one can just compare with the new new wipers and the difference will be obvious.

But let us remind you that under the ideal conditions and proper care, “Good Rain” Audi A4 wipers will serve you for a long time.

Compare work of the normally and technically obsoleted classic frameless wipers with the new “Good Rain” for Audi A4. Pay attention to the degree of the noise of the new wipers and their aesthetic appearance which matches the design of 8E5 B6 much more better.

Package Contents


One wiper blade for driver side, length 550mm/22" + one wiper blade for passenger side, length 550mm/22"

Payment options

1. PayPal

2. Bank transfer.

3. Сash at the meeting.

Cost of the frameless wipers and delivery options.

     1. Wipers 19.99€ + self-pickup 0€ = 19.99€

     You can self-pickup the wipers at Ümera 1a, Ümera keskus, Lasnamäe, Tallinn, Estonia, preliminary calling by phone: +372 5373 7817

     2. Wipers 19.99€ + worldwide delivery 7.50€ = 27.49€

     Shipping fee includes: worldwide shipping, tracking number, safe packing and insurance up to 30€.

3. Wipers 19.99€ + shipping across Baltic 3.99€ = 23.98€

All orders ships out on the next day of your payment1.

If by any chance you don’t like the wipers, we do guarantee a full refund2.

We do guarantee that t is the most profitable offer in the world!!!

Stop waiting and suffering purchase our wipers and start having a pleasure!

New frameless windshield wiper blades for Audi A4 8E5 B6

Audi A4 8E5 B6 frameless windshield wiper blades. What is a problem?

Classic wipers under this type of brush locker as Audi A4 has, is almost impossible to find, not to mention the frameless wipers that have never been put out. Now this gap is filled. Finally wipers with innovative lockers are created, the problem is solved once and for all.

Frameless windshield wiper blades “Good Rain” for Audi A4 8E5 B6. The main advantages.

Frameless windshield wiper blades for BMW 5 e39 3
Frameless windshield wiper blades for BMW 5 e39 4
Frameless windshield wiper blades for BMW 5 e39 5